PTFE Teflon Diaphragm

These PTFE protected diaphragms combine the chemical resistance associated with PTFE with the flex characteristics of an elastomer. The PTFE is chemically bound to the underlying rubber. Since it is manufactured as one piece, the risk of separation normally associated with two-piece overlaid diaphragms is eliminated, increasing time on-line. One-piece construction avoids the possibility of leakage and also prevents abrasive particulate material getting between the PTFE and rubber, which could cause damage and lead to reduced diaphragm lifetime.

This Products are made from 100 % Pure PTFE Expanded Fibers. This products are very easy to adapt. Easy to cut. As long as this are used the equipments will continue their service and keep its best performance. This are suitable for tube & pipe flanges, enameled flanges, vessels, containers, boilers, reactors, valves, pumps, turbines, lids, gauge glasses, agitators, heat exchangers, tension sensitive compounds, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries, universal maintenance, diverse pipelines, glass, rubber, plastics, non rusting lining towers, etc. This products reduced deformation under pressure, better resilience under varying pressure, reduce thermal expatiation coefficient upto approx-50 %, and raised compression strength. It can be filled with filler such as Graphite, Glass fiber, Carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber.

PTFE is one of the most chemically inert compounds, however, has very little elasticity, which can reduce flow rates upto 20%. A rubber back-up diaphragm is required to provide flexibility and memory. Many other materials, usually derivates of the above, have been developed by individual pump companies for use in their own pumps.

We supply a wide range of PTFE lined rubber diaphragms which are used in all kinds of valves, pumps and actuators used in critical corrosive applications. The rubber used with PTFE linings are Neoprene, EPDM and Butyle.

Teflon Diaphragms are made using best grade material and in conformity with international quality standards. These diaphragms are entirely interchangeable with elastomer diaphragms in size 1"thru 8". These diaphragms are used in various types of pumps, valves and actuators that are applicable in critical corrosive applications. This means the existing values with elastomers diaphragms are upgraded to Teflon (PTFE) diaphragms.

Owing to years of experience, we are engaged in presenting a wide array of PTFE Diaphragm. These items are fabricated from high grade material and latest equipment, which help in increasing their strength and provide them longevity. Under the able-guidance and control of the industry heads, we have developed our range by following international guidelines and certain industry norms.

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